Monday, March 2, 2009

Link Up

An online tool linking people together in grace filled service.

“Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul…and great grace was upon them all. There was not a needy person among them…” (Acts 4:32-34)

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9)

Cain’s question to God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is one of the most important questions in the bible. So important in fact, that the rest of scripture, several thousand pages are dedicated to declaring that the answer to that question is, “YES!” At Peace we are dedicated to striving to be more like Jesus. Within a Jesus community we realize that all of us have needs and all of us have gifts that can provide a service for others.

Link Up is a new ministry for the people of Peace Lutheran Church providing a tool for members to express and fill specific needs. Here is how it works:

To Post A Specific Need (examples: appliance died and can’t afford a new one, household repairs, need a ride somewhere, yard work you can’t get to):

  1. Click “Comments” below, follow instructions.
  2. Write the following: Your name, describe specific need, how to contact you, timeline you’d like the need met.
  3. After a need has been met, please notify us by posting another “comment”.

To Provide For A Specific Need

  1. Routinely Check as Needs are posted
  2. If you are willing to help with a specific posted need, declare so by clicking on the “Comments,” follow instructions.
  3. Write: Your name, the posted need you can help with, how to best contact you.